1.  TIME - It will take considerable time to organize a successful sale.

2.  PRICING - Wide range of knowledge & research is needed to correctly price items to insure they sell at maximum value!

3.  EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES - Tables, tablecloths, chairs, display cases, extra lighting, dolly & moving supplies, cash register, tax ID forms, packing material & boxes/bags, receipt books, signage.....etc

4.  EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE - Large client lists, specialty buyers, advertising, large buyer following, obtaining permits/licenses, professional staging, accurate appraising.

5.  STAFF THE SALE - Experienced staff to maximize sales working with buyers and dealers, neighbors and family, ensure safety and security, overseeing move of large items.

6. DETACHMENT - Selling family heirlooms and memories to strangers can be very difficult.



 Let Heartland minimize your stress and maximize your profits

by allowing us to handle the entire process...

from start to finish!


 Before the Sale:

  • Meet with each prospective client/representative for a no-obligation consultation.
  • Tour your home, listen to your needs and create a personalized marketing strategy for your individual estate sale.
  • Promote the sale including internet with photos showcasing your items, newspaper, internal and external signage and our invaluable extensive email list of loyal buyers.
  • Obtain all permits and licenses.
  • Transform your home into an enticing marketplace with attractive clean displays, strategic presentations and individual researched and appraised pricing. We may contact and meet with buyers for unique, rare or specialty items.

During the Sale:

  • Our experienced, loyal staff promote sales, provide customer service and most importantly, help protect your home and assets.
  • Ensure proper parking and neighbor relations.
  • Offer a silent bid system to encourage sales of higher priced items.

After the Sale:

  • Heartland is known for our unique ability to “Sell Everything!” When that is not possible we coordinate the clean-out process after the sale with several options available to you.

IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: Don't throw ANYTHING away!  You would be amazed at what people want to buy.  They will buy everything and anything including clothes, linens, paper items, brochures, garage items, trinkets, kitchen utensils etc.

 Potential home buyers regularly attend our sales. Several homes have been purchased by our customers attending our sale. We are pleased to promote the sale of your home at NO CHARGE.

"We made more than we ever anticipated and NOTHING was left which is amazing considering our range of items- antiques, fine furniture, jewelry, stamp collection, exquisite rugs...all the way to pots and pans and towels....You turned a would be unpleasant experience into a joy!"
C. Glaser, 2012