There is no better referral than a satisfied customers. Our reputation for maximizing our client’s profits while minimizing their stress has been our key to success.  Please feel free to ask for additional client and real estate agent referrals.

Here is a small sample of what client’s are saying about Heartland:

Dear Theresa & Lisa,

Thank you again for all you did to help me.  I can not express my thanks enough for  how comforatable you made me feel. Your knowledge, professionalism and creativity were key to my beautiful sale. It took the burden off my shoulder snad I was so happy when I received my check.  Please feel free to use me as a reference as I will highly recommend Heartland to anyone who is interested in having an estate sale.

Best Wishes,

Scarlette M




     To Whom it May Concern;

       Recently my father passed away in Kansas City and my real estate agent for his property gave me Heartland’s phone number as a contact that some other agents knew about.  After contacting Theresa and Randy, they quickly set up an appointment to survey our needs and the household items that needed to be sold and or disposed.  They gave me an educated range of value, when they would do it, how it would work and basically that it would be a turn-key worry free experience.  They communicated that this was their business, they knew what they were doing, had additional contacts for item disposition, and would handle everything including vacuuming and leaving no trash behind.  Living 8 ½ hours away this was what I needed!

       I am writing this testimonial to let you know what they said they would do, THEY DID!  I was extremely pleased and impressed with their professionalism, knowledge and follow through.  They made it easy for me and were a pleasure to work with.  My real estate agent was so impressed he now has Heartland listed as the preferred contact for this type of service at the agency.  I would highly recommend their services to others that have similar needs.


Michael D W.


Dear Theresa and Lisa,

We just wanted to send you a note to thank you again for the excellent job you did for us.  Your energy and excitment at what you do was contagious and it was fun to watch you work.  We were amazed at all that went into the process of set up and doing the sale itself.  We considered doing it ourself and am so relieved.  I could not imagine the large number of shoppers that you brought to the sale.  

Our sale was a huge success and the prceeds were more than we anticipated.  We would not hesitate to tell anyone to use Heartland.  They will be happy that they did!

Sandy and Rainer K. October 2013


We want to thank Theresa and Lisa at Heartland for fulling their promise to make our sale a huge success.  We had very nice things, but not a whole houseful so they suggested a "one-day, blow out sale to the public."  We were nervous, but should not have been.  In one day they sold everything...I mean everything!

Our neighbors came to the sale and told us that you did a amazing job with the sale, parking and protecting our home form damage.  

You knew we were nervous since you were strangers and your ongoing communicaiton with me was so important.  Thank you for making our change so stress-free.  I hope this letter helps other's feel confident when looking for a compnay to hire for there estate sale.

Bruce and Ann N.  9/13


Heartland Estate Sales was a savior to my mother.  My father passed away so we needed to get her home of 35 years ready to sell quickly. We could not do a typicaly estate sale and the girls met with us and quickly came up with creative ways to liquidate our home.  My mother is not one to warm to strangers and I was surprised how easily she warmed to Lisa and Theresa.  They knew how to handle all the sensitive issues that was bringing her so much stress.  I don't know how but in 7 short days they did everything from start to finish.  Everything.   Everyone was professional and kept us infomred as to what was going on.

Thank you Heartland!!!!  PS: Our house sold in 2 days, amazing

Stephanie B. and Joanne V (Mom) 


To Whom It May Concern:


            Re:  Heartland Estate Sales

                   Theresa Kralik and Lisa Moratz


            It is with pleasure that Mr. Larry Janacaro and I write this letter of reference for Heartland Estate Sales and its principals, Theresa Kralik and Lisa Moratz.  Mr. Janacaro is the Co-Personal Representative of the Estate of Betty C. Lefman, and I am the acting attorney on the Probate Proceeding filed in Jackson County, Missouri.  Because of the diverse and extensive personal property existing within the Lefman Estate, the need to retain the services of a qualified and experienced estate sales company quickly became apparent.  Larry Janacaro had previously employed Heartland Estate Sales and its principals, Theresa Kralik and Lisa Moratz, and was quite pleased with their professionalism and results.  Prior to the Lefman Estate, I had not enjoyed the opportunity to engage Heartland Estate Sales.  But, if there are future projects on which to utilize their skills, I will certainly do so.  And, here is why.  

            Lisa and Theresa are outstanding and accomplished in an occupation that is somewhat unique.  Mr. Janacaro’s and my working relationship with them was very favorable.  They offered us a range of estate related services, including undertaking the necessary inventory of property items, researching and suggesting appropriate values, recommending a marketing strategy to effectively sell or donate the inventory and handling the actual liquidation through on and off-site estate sales, eBay consignments and other avenues.  Heartland Estate Sales is also insured and bonded.  Additionally, their hourly rates and/or sales commissions to perform these services were most reasonable. 

As to execution, Theresa and Lisa moved promptly on our project, and they documented every hour expended.  Another important aspect of Lisa’s and Theresa’s performance was their strong attention to detail.  In addition to taking a comprehensive set of photographs, Mr. Janacaro and I received an extensive inventory list and spreadsheets with appraised values, as well as a full and proper accounting and billing statements.  And, their final wrap up of the property liquidation and delivery of an empty condominium unit made Larry Janacaro’s and my work on this Estate much easier.  Finally, it needs to be mentioned that this particular Estate, the location of the personal property and the restrictive conditions of the condominium building added several challenges that Theresa and Lisa proficiently handled.  

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss Heartland Estate Sales, Theresa Kralik and Lisa Moratz further, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 816-500-0280 or


                                                                        Very truly yours,


                                                                        FAIRCHILD & FAIRCHILD

                                                                        Charles W. Fairchild                      


To whom it may concern,

I would sincerely recommend Heartland Estate Sales.  I used their suervices when I was transferred out of the city on short notice and travelling frequently while my house was in the process of being sold.  They took much of the stress out of my move.  When they said, "Take what you want and leave the rest to us," they meant it!  I took what I wanted, left the city, and they took care of the rest.  

They are experts at marketing, pricing and staging and I received top dollar for my contents.  I returned to the house one day after the sale to turn my home over to the new owner and I was surprised that my house was already completely.  It was incredilbe actually.

These ladies are true professionals and I have already given their name to a friend.


Debbie M.

July 22, 2013



Dear Theresa and Lisa,

We heartfully thank you for making our move to Salt Lake City so much better.  Your kindness, hard work, communication with us and your professialism was top notch.  You had to deal with city officals and neighbor's concerns and you handled it perfectly. 

You maximized the income from our home items, many of which I am sure took time to research.  Theresa's knowledge of our items, which many were unique was impressive.  

Your staff was very friendly, and our home looked fantastic when you were done.  Not a scratch anywhere and that was a big concern to us.  Your performance and reliability exceeded our expectations.  

We would recommend the Heartland team without hesitation.  I've been to many estate sales and frankly, there was no comparison on how the sale was set up and most importantly, how much fun the girls and their staff have with the customers.  

Much appreciated,

Dan & Diane S.   July 7, 2013



We hired Lisa and Theresa from Heartland to sell our contents of our home.  We had a houseful of fine furnishings, art and day to day goods.  We've never had an estte sale before and were hesitant to leave it in someone else's hands because we are "control" people.

We had no idea what to expect, but they made us feel so comfortable right from the start.  We were happy with the girls and their services.  They were professional, did a lot of advertsing, and completely handled everything and at the end our house was completely emptied, clean and ready for our new owners.  When we received our check we were shocked by the total!

Our friends on our street said they must have quite a following since there were hundreds of  people in and out throughout the entire sale and at the end of the sale the house was almost sold out!  

We highly recommend them to anyone thinking of having a sale.  You can not find more professionial fun girls who actually care about their client.

Ken and Sue N.

June 6, 2013


Heartland Estate sales is the best!!  Lisa and Theresa are a joy to work with and they know their business.  If there is an item they aren't familiar with, they do the research to find out about it.  The are organized and responsive.  We realized more than we thought possible and with the least amount of effort on our part.  If an estate sale is what you are interested in, you could not do better than these two ladies.

Bob & Kathy S.


April 4, 2013

Dear Theresa and Lisa,

A heartfelt thank you for the outstanding service provided by Heartland Estate Sales in the matter of liquidating my estate. I have worked on several occasions with estate liquidators and none was more sensitive to my needs that you.

Not only was I divesting 35 years of accumulation, I was divesting many items of historic significance and and professional worth in a venue which demanded special consideration: A featured home on the HIstoric Kansas City's Homes Tour. Moreover, I was 1500 miles away in Los Angeles throughout most of the process. Your professionalism on my behalf could not have been greater. You brought the right buyers at the right time. Communication was excellent and I never felt out of the loop. Friends and neighbors spoke highly of your friendly, business-like manner, attention to detail and security of my property.

Most important, you got top dollar for my assets.

And throughout it all, your friendly compassion in what could have been a traumatic experience made it downright enjoyable.

Thank you again and by all means feel free to use me as a reference on future projects.

William F.

November 4, 2012

5 Stars

There are so many positive things to say about Heartland Estates Sales, it's hard to know where to begin. We had just lost our father to cancer shortly before we contacted Heartland. Needless to say we were emotionally spent and had been making a lot of decisions regarding my dad's passing. Theresa and Lisa came over and talked about what they could do for us. They were very sensitive to our needs and really put our minds at ease. The only thing we had to do was hand them the keys and let them do their thing. They are very experienced and confident in what they do, and most importantly, trustworthy. Theresa and Lisa took a huge burden off our hands and handled it with kindness and professionalism when it counted the most.

R. Danielson

The Heartland team understood the sensitivity of our personal situation with regards to the passing of my father-in-law and handled everything professionally. During the course of the planning of the sale and even following the sale, Heartland provided service above and beyond what I would have expected from an estate sales company.

All items for the sale were researched and priced appropriately. The house was staged in an inviting and organized way as to help maximize profits from the sale. We felt that Heartland provided a personal touch to the experience and we trusted them completely with all things associated with the sale.

Should you have any questions regarding our experience with Heartland Estate Sales, you can contact either myself, or my husband, Don at

Sincerely, S. Woehrman

Dear Lisa and Theresa,

I would highly recommend Heartland Estates if anyone is considering an estate sale. Theresa and Lisa were professional, courtesy, prompt in returning phone calls or e-mails. They were recommended by a competitor (that is a good referral) because of their reputation in the estate sales business. They exceeded our expectations both with the final sales amount and their attention to detail. We were able to move to another state knowing that we could lock the door and Heartland Estates would respect our home before, during and after the sale. I would use Heartland Estates for your sale!

Thank You,  Dr. K. Johnson

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend the services of Heartland Estate Sales. Lisa and Theresa conducted an estate sale for me this fall. Without going in to too many details, this was an extremely difficult sale due to the restrictive covenants in my mother's subdivision. The restrictions prohibited us from conducting a traditional sale and put extreme limitations on our sale. They eagerly accepted the challenges our sale presented and called upon their extensive network of brokers and wholesalers to liquidate a large portion of my mother's estate. After that process was complete, they went the extra mile and worked with their next client who allowed us to sell a number of additional items at that that subsequent sale.

Throughout the entire process, Lisa and Theresa handled themselves with the utmost grace and professionalism. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Sincerely, K. Salzman

To whom it may concern,

We consider ourselves estate sale savy and have attended many sales throughout the years, including Heartland's. When it was time for us to have a sale for our Mother we called the girls at Heartland without hesitation!

Heartland provided a great service for our family and handled the sale very professionally from start to finish. Theresa and Lisa know how to clear out the remaining items of an estate allowing for an easy transition to the next stage of life.

The contract is simple, well explained and all options clearly outlined. They let the client chose what works best for their situation.

Extreme care was taken to insure our home was not damaged and everything was cleaned up after the sale was complete.

Many options were offered for clearing out the few remaining items left at the end of the sale. And I mean few items, these ladies know how to clean out a house.

Our family is very appreciative of your services and would not hesitate to use Heartland Estate Sales again in the future.

Thank you so much for your help with settling our mother’s estate.

Sincerely, The Coffey Family

I would like to thank you for the great job you did on my mother's estate sale. You weren't exaggerating when you said you had a lot of loyal customers!!!

Most of all, we appreciate the sensitive and respectful way you worked with Mom. You understand how difficult it can be to downsize and sell our possessions.

S. Kastner